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Cleaning the bike.

One of issues that really annoys me is having a clean bike. Maybe I have OCD but I am constantly making sure my bike is up to showroom standard. Even on the trips I tend to visit the nearest garage close to our overnight stay and give it a quick spray over with the jet washer. Something that I have learnt recently is to buy a good cleaner. There are many brands on the market -  MucOff is one of the most common - but recently I discovered SDC100 Motorcycle gel. This is a thick green/yellow gel that you  apply to your bike and let it soak in for about 1/2 hour. Rinse away and it takes 95% of the dirt with it. For stubborn dirt or stains such as flies give it a gentle rub with a sponge or soft brush. For me this really is excellent stuff but its not cheap. For a litre bottle its about EURO 12.00.  Link to buy SDC100 in bulk is here


Another great investment I made was a small electric compressor, basically to airdry the bike and get water out of the small gaps. However I decided to use the paint gun filled with SDC100 Gel and apply it all over the bike. It worked perfectly. Completely covered the bike without having to use the handgun spray and the airgun gave a better coverage with the cleaner gel.  Waited 1/2 hour and all done. Only thing is that in one spraying the gun used up over 1/2 a litre of the gel so be warned. Get a big bulk vat of the cleaner and you can get about 10 washes out of it. The compressor shown on the left cost around EURO 80 with all the accessories.