The Scheveningen to Hilversum Route The Scheveningen to Hilversum Route smoke stop at Uithoorn 54027633 meeting point Malieveld, Den Haag 54027634 lined up and ready to go 54027635 still eating breakfast..... 54027636 The Buell is working again!! 54027637 are you sure?...I can see oil leaking.... 54027638 start of a good day 54027639 54027640 54027641 54027642 enjoying the sun.... 54027643 54027644 who the fool with the camera? 54027645 lunch at Turfloods, Naarden Vesting 54027646 the preverbial helmets on the table, the sign of all biking groups! 54027647 54027648 and the stories get bolder and bolder..... 54027649 on the road again 54027650 54027651 am Ithe last again? 54027652 nope, I am! 54027653 54027654