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River Route - North & Mid Holland

The route actually heads inland and north of The Hague and picks up the rivers in the area. The ride is interesting and beautiful along the canals and waterways in the area. some of the roads get quite small and narrow so be careful of other traffic and particularly cyclists. Plenty of stopping places for lunch and refreshments but unfortunately all closed for our trip because of the restrictions. Take care of speed bumps which are an inevitable headache in The Netherlands but if you can put all that aside and aren't too bothered about getting above about 80 km/h then its a lot of fun! 

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War Graves Route - February 2021


This tour takes you down into the Southern part of Holland through Brabant, Zeeland crossing some of the larger bridges and dykes all the way down to the Belgium border. The war graves ae close to Bergen op Zoom and commemorate the fighting for the liberation of Antwerp. The war graves contain casualties from the Second World War and have commonwealth soldiers interred. Some interesting information at the sites gives a bit more detail.

On the way back the route winds back into Brabant taking you to the town of Steenbergen. This is the town where Guy Gibson and his navigator crashed during the war. Guy Gibson was immortalised through the dam busters raids and his immaculately kept war grave lies in the community cemetery on the outskirts of the town. well worth a visit! 

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