MVC Den Haag - ''The Adventures''


Recently I joined a new Club of riders in The Hague with a bit of a difference. ''Motor Vrienden Club'' (MVC) Den Haag are a breakaway organisation from the original much bigger The Hague Motorcycle Club. The philosophy is built on quite a different approach to riding and interests. Like many clubs you always have smaller groups of people who have different riding styles, different bikes, interest and so on and often as a committee it is sometimes difficult to please all. This can lead to conflict and unhappiness if people's wishes and ideas are not taken into account. At MVC they decided on a different philosophy; whilst there is an overall Club membership and people can always suggest ideas and organise trips there is also a possibility to set up your own group within the club catering to your style of riding, bike, interests etc. 

The Adventures

So based on the above concept and after agreement always from the overall Committee members we have established a new group called ''The Adventures''. A bit of background first as to why. Whilst I am also Chair of the BMW Motorcycle Club Den Haag with its limited members I found that options of riding became a bit limited as the group was not only small but again had different interests. I decided to join MVC Den Haag to try and expand my network of riding friends and see if I could find more likeminded people interested in weekends to Germany,  trips to the UK and maybe further afield. I also have a particular style of riding and bike. Having the opportunity create the new ''mini Club'' within a Club with its own particular label hopefully will allow this. 

The Adventures now has its own group, webpage on the MVC main website and likeminded riders can contact me to see if they fit into the group

The group also has its own particular description. 

The Adventures is a motorcycle group subsidiary of Motorvrienden club Den Haag and consists of members who have an interest in riding outside our national borders in small groups. This can be a long weekend, a week or even several weeks and favourite destinations are UK and Germany as well as north France and other European destinations. The members of this motorcycle group are experienced riders and navigators and have a preference for longer days in the saddle. Members are likeminded and have a shared interest not only for the riding but also finding nice overnight stops in local pubs or small B&B's. The focus of this motorcycle group is riding; so leave early in the morning and enjoy winding routes around 250 KM per day. The events of The Adventures are organized by the members themselves and published on the website. For each event, the maximum number of available places is determined and full is full. If you are a sporty and independent motorcyclist and would like to ride abroad a few times a year, you can join this group. If you want to join once in a while, that's also possible then register for the event and if there is still a place available, you can join. If there are no more places available, a waiting list is active. If there are several people on the waiting list, more groups may be formed. 

If after you read this you are interested feel free to have a look at the main Club website and use the contact information to get in touch. Motorvrienden Club Den Haag. If you are bit worried about the Dutch you can always drop me a line directly through my contact page here

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