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Bike Tours and Route files

In this section I will set out the routes that I have ridden along with stories of the trips, hotels where we stay and pdf file and gpx files of the routes.

For the Basecamp .gpx files, provided your are using google chrome this will allow you to click on the buttons and download the files to be saved and then opened through Basecamp directly.

So step 1 - use button to open file. this will automatically be stored in your download file.

Step 2 - locate same file and move to your preferred folder.


Step 3 - open Basecamp and then upload the file to Basecamp. The ''pdf'' files can be opened to see the routes that we have made. If anyone wants the ''gpx'' files for BaseCamp or cannot download them from the website please feel free to drop me a line to the email address below and I will gladly send them as attachments.

Click on the flag button below for the specific destination you are interested in.

If you have a suggestion or idea for a trip or want more info please contact us at our email address or via the Contact page.

NOTE. All the gpx files and pdf's of the routes are free and I have no intention to charge for them although some have advised I should, considering the time it has taken to set up the website. I still defer. However I do realise that there is quite a cost involved in maintaining such a website and that any contributions are welcome to supporting this. I have found a number of websites myself that are free and have always appreciated the fact that they are free to browse but when a donation is suggested I tend to leave a small tip, just by way of appreciation for the people taking the time to put the information together and share it. This sort of information helps me expand my own knowledge and experiences and helps contribute indirectly to my own site and its content. 

If anyone does wish to make a small donation this is always welcome and if it does happen then I will set up a donations page along with any info / logo etc that you wish to add as sign of appreciation but again please note, everything is free and will continue to be so. 

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Tour Photos


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