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Holland - 0 KM to 120 KM

Short trips under 100 km.

Scheveningen - Bleiswijk. 64 km    (NL/A/06)

A short trip starting in Scheveningen running  along the Haagse Vliet to Zouterwoude and then down to Bleiswijk on through Bergsenhoek and ending at the carpool parking place on the A4 at Schipluiden

NL/A/06 MapSource file                 NL/A/06 pdf file  (screenshot)


Scheveningen - Leiden - Benthuizen. 70 km  (NL/A/05)

Starting in Scheveningen heading up to Voorschoten and then down to Benthuizen. The route takes in the top part of the Haagse Vliets heading in towards the new ADO football stadium before heading back up to Scheveningen

NL/A/05 MapSource file                NL/A/05 pdf file  (Screenshot)


Scheveningen - Maasland - Hoek van Holland. 61km  (NL/A/04)

This ring route can start effectively anywhere although I have taken the Esso Station in Scheveningen again as starting point. This route heads down through The Hague towards Maasland, past De Leir and out through the Westland to Hoek van Holland. There after it follows the coast up to Scheveningen again.

NL/A/04 MapSource file               NL/A/04 pdf file  (screenshot)


Scheveningen - Waddinxveen - Rotterdam. 96km  (NL/A/03)

This route starts at Scheveningen, heads east to Boskop and Waddinxveen before turning south towards Moerkappelle. Running along the top of Rotterdam it follows the river ''Zwet'' before joining up with the Vliets and heading back to Scheveningen.

NL/A/003 MapSource file                 NL/A/03 pdf file  (screenshot)


Scheveningen & the Vliets. 70 km   (NL/A/02)

Starting in Scheveningen running down the Vliets through Delft and then on down the river Zwet to Rotterdam. Turning in Schiedam following the A13 up to Pijnacker and through the southern part of The Hague back up to Scheveningen.

NL/A/02 MapSource file               NL/A/02 pdf file  (screenshot)


Westland and Port Tour.  91km   (NL/A/01)

Starting at the Carpool park at Schipluiden on the A4 the route drives via Vlaardingen to Maassluis, across on the ferry to Rosenburg and follows the Kalandweg to the end. The route then returns via the ferry to Maassluis, out to Hoek van Holland and then returning via De Lier to the Carpool parking Area.

NL/A/01 MapSource file                   NL/A/01 pdf file  (screenshot)