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Holland 100 km to 200 km

Lek and Linge NL/B/23

Tour is in fact very similar to the ANWB Lek & Linge tour with a couple of modifications. Starting from the Exit at Arkel the route takes along the rivers of Linge and Lek. A couple of deviations inland and some scenic "dyke"riding.

NL/B/23  (MapSource)        NL/B/23   (pdf) 


Hook of Holland and the Calandkanal NL/B/22

Tour goes from The Esso garage in Scheveningen through Schipluiden and Vlaardingen running along the waterways to the Rozenburg ferry. After the ferry the route heads out along the Noordzeeweg bordering the busy Calandcanal with its heavy industry and shipping. Back accross the ferry and through the Westland's back roads to Hoek van Holland.

      NL/B/22  (Mapsource file)                        NL/B/22   (pdf file)


The Port Tour NL/B/21

This Tour is an exploration of the Port and City of Rotterdam. It starts out at the Botlek and drives through all the port inlets and side streets along the river Maas heading towards the centre of Rotterdam. Particularly interesting are the villages of Heijplaat and Pernis with its narrow roads surrounded by the Port.  The route passes through some small roads right along the river and ships at dock. After stopping for a break at the ''Bollentent'' on the Westerkade by the Euromast the route heads out thruogh Shiedam, Delfshaven and along the river towards Hoek van Holland. An excellent route for those interested in getting a closer look at Rotterdam and its ports.

NL/B/21   (MapSource file)                         NL/B/21   (pdf file)


Brabant and North Belgium Tour NL/B/20

This route takes you east along the A15 and then south to its start at Werkendam just off the A27. The route heads south passing east of Tilburg and down past Eindhoven airport. The route then heads back east and crosses briefly into Belgium before ending at Baarle Nassau. The route passes through some beautiful scenery through the woodlands of south east Holland. A sharp contrast the the dykes and waterways of the Randstad area.


NL/B/20   (MapSource file)                        NL/B/20   (pdf file)


Hoeksewaard Tour NL/B/19

Short route starting at the Carpool parking at the turn off the A29 at Oud Biejrland passing through the small country lanes south of Rotterdam, heading down through the picturesque village of Strijensas and across the Haringvleitbrug and ending in Willemstadt. Be wary of the fact that during the summer Willemstadt is not onlty very busy but you cannot drive through the vollage.


NL/B/19    (MapSource file)                                      NL/B/19  (pdf file)


Ijmuiden and Egmont aan Zee (NL/B/18)

This route starts just close to Schiphol airport, at the Macdonalds to be exact. Heading out towards the new "Polder Runway" then up across the Ijmuiden locks and after a short detour to the restaurant on the opposite side of the River Ij the route goes up the coast to Egmont aan Zee. Here the route turns inland and heads East along high Dykes past windmills, a short ferry crossing to the A7 motorway.


NL/B/18  (MapSource file)                NL/B/18  (pdf file)


 Kaag, Alsmeer and Leimuiden Route. 136km   (NL/B/17)

This route takes you north of The Hague through the bulb fields near Keukenhof, on through Kaag and along the river to Aalsmeer. Round Schiphol, out west to Croquius and then back through Leimuiden and Alphen a/d Rijn back to The Hague. There is a great spot for lunch next to the Toll bridge in Leimuiden called the Rozenboom. The picture below shows the terrace area at the restaurant with a couple of the riding members.


NL/B/17 MapSource file                      NL/B/17 pdf file   (screenshot)


The Ijsselmeer Route  154 km   (NL/B/16)

Starting from The Hague the first stage of the route is towards Amsterdam on the motorway. Exit from the A10 ring onto the S114 and you end up in a very new area of Amsterdam east. The route takes you up the east side of the Ijsselmeer as far as Lelystad. Make sure you have enough fuel; this part of the trip is along a very long, straight road with no petrol stations. At Lelystad you take the road across the ''dijk'' to Stede Broec. Shortly after leaving the dijk and before getting to Hoorn there are a couple of nice restaurants in Stede Broec. You will pass them on your right next to a lake as you make the turn onto the coastal route. At this point the road turns into a gravel track along the coast as far as Hoorn. For those that want to avoid this you can turn inland and follow the GPS as it calculates an alternative route. After Hoorn the coastal path is great; big sweeping curves and little traffic. The road through Volendam is very picturesque. The route takes you back to the junction of the S114 with the A10 ring Amsterdam.

NL/B/16 MapSource file                NL/B/16 pdf file   (screenshot)


The War Graves Route 145km   (NL/B/15)

This route can be found in the Dutch ANWB driving routes as route number 36 or the ''7 Heerlijkheiden'' Route with slight modifications. The route starts from the Macdonalds restaurant at Rhoon / Charlois and drives into Brabant via the motorway. At the exit for Willemstadt the route starts its scenic path. Worth noting is the town of Steenbergen. Close to the garage on Nassaulaan at the junction of the Krommeweg is a cemetary with the graves of Wing Commander Guy Gibson and his comrade who crashed over Steenbergen at the end of the second world war. For those who dont know who Guy Gibson was check out his page on Wikipedia! Further on near Bergen op Zoom you pass the two big British and Canadian War Cemetaries beautifully kept, both telling the stories of the casualties and fighting that occured around the area and especially the fight for Antwerp. From there the route heads deep into Brabant and close to the Belgian border. Well worth noting for a lunch or coffee stop is the Hotel / restaurant De Jonckheer



NL/B/15 MapSource file                  NL/B/15 pdf file  (screenshot)


Groene Hart Short Route. 147 km     (NL/B/14)

This route starts at the Rotterdam Airport Hotel and runs along the river Ijssel to Gouda. Then following the river north past Alphen a/d Rijn it follows the Amstel River system past Nieuwegen before turning south again via Bodegraven and Leiden to Scheveningen.

NL/B/14 MapSource file               NL/B/14 pdf file  (screenshot)


Hellevoetsluis & Oostvoorne. 102 km   (NL/B/13)

Starting from the cafe 't-Sonnetje at the Maasland exit on the A20 the tour takes the ferry at Maassluis across to Rosenburg and then out along the Brielse Meer to Oostvoorne. Then the route heads south to Hellevoetsluis and heads east to Oud Beijerland up to Rhoon and back to the MacDonalds at Charlois

NL/B/13 MapSource file              NL/B/13 pdf file  (screenshot)


Gouda - Alphen - Kaag. 131 km   (NL/B/12)

This route starts in Scheveningen, drives down through Zoetemeer, through Gouda and up through Boskop to Alphen a/d Rijn. It then takes in part of the Amstel river system with a stop close to the village of Lievaart before curving round past Aalsmeer, along the river system by Kaag and back to Scheveningen.

NL/B/12 MapSource file                NL/B/12 pdf file  (screenshot)


Kaag & Aalsmeer 125 km  (NL/B/11)

Starting in Scheveningen this route runs southeast to Zoetemeer and onto Kaag where it follows the river north all the way to Aalsmeer. It then heads across to Noordwijk before returning through Wassenaar back to Scheveningen.

NL/B/11 MapSource file                NL/B/11 pdf file  (screenshot)


Meije. 116km   (NL/B/10) 

This route heads east to Bodegraven and then follows the picturesque river system of the Meije. This road is a sinlge track narrow road winding along the river. Take care with on coming traffic and also the many cyclists in the Summer months. The return leg goes through Ter Aar and runs east as far as Leiden before turning back towards Scheveningen.

NL/B/10 MapSource file              NL/B/10 pdf file  (screenshot)


Middelharnis. 138 km   (NL/B/09)

This route starts in Charlois and runs east through the port over the old Botlek bridge, through Oostvoorne, down to Hellevoetsluis and across into Zeeland. Turning east once over the bridge towards Middelharnis the route follows the coast almost until Willemstadt. Then heading north over the side bridge at the Hollandsche Diep it takes the back road through to Rhoon and back to Charlois.

NL/B/09 MapSource file              NL/B/09 pdf file  (screenshot)


Rotterdam - Lopik - Delft. 145 km   (NL/B/08)

This trip starts in Rotterdam, crosses the city and extends along the river Lek as far as Lopik. The trip then turns inland to Meije where it follows the Meije river south to Bodegraven. Heading further east through Stompwijk the route follows the Vliets to Delft ending at the Camponile Hotel at Delft Noord.

NL/B/08 MapSource file               NL/B/08 pdf file  (screenshot)


The Ferry Route. 153 km   (NL/B/07)

The route starts at the Macdonalds in Charlois and heads south to Cromstrijen and along the river system to Stijensas. Then heading north to Strijen and through the Kil Tunnell the route continues east across the ferry to Werkendam. Heading north the route then crosses the Lek ferry close to Bergambacht and then the ijssel at Gouderak before heading west to the Rotterdam Airport Hotel.

NL/B/07 MapSource file                NL/B/07 pdf file (screenshot)


Vianen. 147 km   (NL/B/06)

This trip starts again from Rotterdam airport and follows the river Lek as far east as Vianen before doubling back on north side of the river to Lopik. The route then turns north towards Bodegraven and heads west through Waddinxveen and Kruisweg back to the airport.

NL/B/06 MapSource file               NL/B/06 pdf file  (screenshot)


Vliets & Coast. 101 km   (NL/B/05)

The route starts in Scheveningen and heads along the Vliets to Delft. The route then turns inland to the West Country out to Hoek van Holland and up the coast back to Scheveningen.

NL/B/05 MapSource file               NL/B/05 pdf file  (screenshot)


Woerden & Aalsmeer. 140 km   (NL/B/04)

Starting in Scheveningen this route heads south east through Zoetemeer, Waddinxveen as far as Woerden. Turning north the route runs north towards Aalsmeer before heading south to Lisse and back to Scheveningen through Wassenaar.

NL/B/04 MapSource file              NL/B/04 pdf file  (screenshot)


Zeeland. 158 km   (NL/B/03)

The route starts south of Maasland and heads down into Zeeland turning back inland at Schaarendijk back up to Overflakkee. The route then heads across the bridge at Hollandsche Diep goes through Bernisse and ending at the MacDonalds in Spijkenisse.

NL/B/03 MapSource file                       NL/B/03 pdf file  (screenshot)


Vinkeveen 136km  (NL/B/02)

This route starts from Scheveningen and heads through Leiden city centre. It then heads north of Alphen a/d Rijn before turning north towards the Vinkeveense plas and back towards Uithoorn on the south bank of the Amstwel and back to Alkemade. It finishes at he Shell garage at the Forepeek exit of the A4 near Den Haag. Worth noting are some of the spectacular houses near Vinkeveen and the old city of Leiden with its narrow streets and many bars & restaurants. If your interested in good London ale try the North End pub  which serves top quality ales such as Fuller ESB on tap!

NL/B/02 MapSource file                          NL/B/02 pdf file  (Screenshot)


Den Helder 158 km.    (NLL/B/01)

This route starts from the Esso Garage in Scheveningen and starts with a long motorway run to the Heemskerk exit on the A9. The route to this exit is not on the file. The route takes you on a tour of the North part of Holland past numerous windmills, waterways and many curving dykes. Beware of the normally windy conditions. Interesting things to note are the way the houses are built with low big rooves with half thatch and half tiles.

NL/B/01 MapSource file                    NL/B/01 pdf file   (Screenshot)