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Holland 160 km plus

De Meeren

A great route along the waterways and lanes of Central Holland. Starting west of Utrecht near Woerden, heading East and then North and skirting round to Amerfoort. A couple of ferry's and some lovely roads along the River Lek takes you back to Gouda. 200 km in all.


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The Ferry Route - 172 km   (NL/C/07)

The Ferry route starts at the Macdonalds in Charlois and heads East via Motorway to the turn off at Sliedrecht. The route then heads inland along waterways crossing a number of ferries to the Loonse and Drunense Duinen. A great lunch spot is the Rustende Jager situated in quiet spot in the dunes but make sure you are there early as in the summer it is a popular spot for walkers riders and day trippers. The route then runs back along the north side of the Biesbosch and crosses the last ferry at Dordrecht. End place is the Macdonalds at Alblasserdam.

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Alphen - Meije - Gouda. 178 km   (NL/C/06)

This route leaves The Hague and heads up to Leiden and on to Alphen and then Uithoorn before turning south along the Mieje river. The route then turns east again towards Woerden and onto Montfort before turning west to Gouda, Nieuwekerk a/d Ijssel and Zoetemeer before ending back in Scheveningen.

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The Amstel Waterway. 223 km   (NL/C/05)

This route starts at Rotterdam airport and heads along the Ijssel river system up to Boskop. The route then turns north through the Groene Hart and follows the Amstel River system to Amsterdam. The route cosses over to the North side of the river Ij and follows the industrial area as far the ferry crossing at Spandam. The route then turns south to Lisse and back into The Hague via Kaag.

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Oud Beijerland - Kinderdijk - Delft. 184 km   (NL/C/04)

Starting from the carpool parking near Schipluiden on the A4 the route heads down through Maassluis, across the Rosenburg ferry and along to Oud Beijerland. Passing through Heinenoord the route turns towards Alblasserdam and Kinderdijk and crosses the river Lek near Vlist. The route then turns back towards north Rotterdam before passing along the river Zwet and ending back at the Carpool parking.

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Rotterdam - Beisbosch. 160 km   (NL/C/03)

Almost a medium length route this route starts in Chalrois and heads south to Cromstrijen and on to Strijensas before heading uyp to 's-Gravendeel and through the Kil Tunnel and along the river into the Biesbosch. A lunch break is set at the Jachthaven in Drimmelen. The route then follows the dijk system to Moerdijk before heading through Fijnaart, Willemstad and on to Bernisse. Note that Willemstad is closed to traffic during the summer months so you might have to use your navigation techniques to go around the town.

NL/C/03 MapSource file                      NL/C/03 pdf file (screenshot)


Scheveningen - Breukelen. 168 km   (NL/C/02)

This route leaves Schevenigen and heads north east throough Ter Aar and as far as Uithoorn . The route then turns south past Breukelen before heading back towards Delft along the Meije river through Bodegraven and back to the carpool parking at Schipluiden.

NL/C/02 MapSource file                       NL/C/02 pdf file  (screenshot)


Scheveningen - Hilversum. 228 km   (NL/C/01)

This route again heads out from Scheveningen picking up the river Kaag at Alkemade and heading north east along the river Amstel through Abcoude and Weesp, through the old fort town of Naarden to Muideberg. The route then sweeps round to Baarn and Soest before heading back through Maarsen, Ter Aar and to the Forepeek industrial park in The Hague. This route is really special in that it takes in some fantastic sights as well as the waterways of the Groene Hart. Watch out for the old forts along the river Amstel near Uithoorn.Try a lunch break in Naarden at the Restaurant Poorters on the corner of Nieuwehaven and Maarktstraat or stop for refreshments at the town square in Breukelen. The trip does take about 6 hours so ensure you leave enough time.


NL/C/01 MapSource file                     NL/C/01 pdf file (screenshot)