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Port Community Motorcycle Club

The Port Community Motorcycle Club (PCMC) or PCMC is the only motorcycle club associated with and dedicated to management level employees involved with the Port of Rotterdam. The club was established by myself and Marc den Beste both of us keen riders at the beginning of 2009. We have a total of almost 40  members all of whom work in the Port Community. Trips are organised monthly throughout Holland. The club has a Chairman, Secretary and a Road Master and has  formally established itself as a ''Vereineging'' or Legally recognised Club under Dutch law with statutes, membership fees and sponsors. The Club continues to grow year on year and tries to contribute annually to local good causes through charitable donations where and when possible.

Whilst we encourage managers from all businesses associated with the Port of Rotterdam to join in, the Club also offers a degree of network contact and membership is therefore limited to those employed in the port and not to friends or spouses / partners. If you are interested please check out the link : PCMC Club