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Tours in Germany. Gemany has some great touring locations and most within a days ride from The Hague. Sauerland, The Eifel and Mosel Areas are all a days ride away.

Eifel Tour June 2018

Saturday the 19th May, "'Pinksteren''' weekend and we set off at 0645 heading to the Texaco garage to pick up our newest member Richard. Further down the A4 to the MacDonalds at Dordrecht and a quick bite to eat before we set off towards Eindhoven. Grant had forgotten to tighten his chin strap so stopped at the next services but being at the back the rest of the group carried on. Luckily no worries, we all had GPS and the rule is always to meet at the next exit on the route.  At Eindhoven the route started proper, through the south of Holland across into Belgium a couple of times before crossing into Germany. The weather got warmer as we headed south and the roads better and more bendy. Scenery was fantastic. We arrived at our hotel Im Goldener Grund around 1700. 

Day 2 After a good German breakfast we headed East towards the Mosel river. Weather was wonderful, sunny and warm. Roads great but with a lot of holiday traffic on the river roads. After a stop in Reil for Currywurst for lunch we drove back eastwards, stopping in Urzig to sample some wine and then back towards our hotel. On the way back we encountered our first shower which was a bit annoying seeing it had been dry so far but more importantly the roads were incredibly slippery so the speed came down and the concentration up. Arrived back at our hotel around 1700. 

Day 3. Early start from Koerperich and heading west across the border into Luxemburg. Quick photo shoot at the castle in Vianden then back north towards the Belgian border. Afternoon run through Belgium was a mix of straight and rather dull roads coupled with great forest lined bends!

Arrival back at Tilburg was 1530. We went our separate ways from here.

Great weekend had by all!

Rotterdam to Koerperich pdf file

Eifel Tour pdf file

Koerperich to Tilburg pdf file

Eifel Tour June 2017

Tour starts just below Eindhoven so you need to plan your route acordingly. From The Hague its about 160 km to the start point. From Eindhoven the route takes you due south into Belgium and Northern Eifel part of Germany. The roads in Belgium are renowned for being a bit rough still but as soon as you cross the border into Germany they

improve. The road takes in B roads in Germany and vary between tight curves and sweeping bends. Riding in the Eifel really is a great experience. If you tire of all the bends you can always drop down  into the Mosel Valley and take an easy ride along the river. Take care on the speed limits here, as they are strictly enforced. Our overnight stays were in the village of Koerperich just across the border from Vianden in Luxemburg. A great hotel at excellent rates. The name is Im Goldener Grund.

pdf files of the tour


Another 3 days tour starting in Moerdijk close to Rotterdam, heading eastwards across the border, through the Ruhr area of Germany into West Sauerland. The hotel is a lovely family run "Land Haus" just outside the town of Sundern -  Landhaus Kloekner. Perfectly comfortable accomodation with good food and the location in a quiet village. Excellent base from which to start the second day Sauerland Tour.

Day 1 Moerdijk to Sundern GER008

Starting from the truck stop near Moerdijk the route begins to head south east through the northern part of Brabant and on down into Limburg. The route through South Holland is particularly attractive with lovely winding lanes albeit flat. Across the Rhine river by ferry and on into Germany passing Dusseldorf airport and through the middle part of the Ruhr area of Germany. Be wary of traffic lights and rush hour in this part of Germany as there is a substantial amount of traffic moving around the unavoidable towns at this time of day. Once you are through the Ruhr area the roads become much more windy and hilly as you enter Sauerland.

Day 2 Sauerland Tour GER009

A fantastic route along the winding roads of Sauerland passing through Winterberg, the south and eastern part of this lovely part of Germany. Also worth noting is if you wish to take a small detour to the north to the Mohnesse this is well worth the extra time and kilometres. The Mohnedam and surrounding area by the lake is spectacular and great for a lunch stop or coffee and cakes.

 Day 3 Sundern to Gouda GER010

The trip back home starts again along the winding hilly roads of Sauerland but this time heads north away from the Dusseldorf area thereby avoiding the traffic. Crossing the border much higher along the Dutch German border allows for a more relaxed ride through the Ruhr countryside but does add extra kilometres to the route. Again the roads in the east of Holland are spectacularly smoooth and winding. The route takes you back past Utrecht and ends in Gouda.


Moerdijk to Vianden - the 4 countries tour

A three day trip starting in Holland and crossing three countries into Germany. The second day consists of a beautiful tour through the Eifel Area of Germany down to the Mosel river and back to the border with Germany. The return leg back to Holland is another superb tour through Luxemburg, Belgium and finally into Holland. The first and last days although getting to and leaving from the hotel destination form an integral part of the three day tour and should not be seen as wasted.

Day 1: Moerdijk, Luxembourg and Korperich km 348  (GER005)

Although not strictly in Germany the route to this location spends most of its drive through the Southern part of Holland, Belgium and finally down the length of Luxemburg crossing the border at Vianden into Germany to stay at the Hotel "im Goldenen Grund" in Koperich. This trip down passes through spectacular scenery, pretty villages and finally through some of the winding hilly terrain at the edge of the Eifel Region of Germany.

GER005 MapSource file                    GER005 pdf file  (screenshot)

Day 2: Eifel, Mosel & back  km 206  (GER006)

The route heads east through the Eifel towards the Mosel river passing just south of Bittburg. The route meets the Mosel at Rachtig and then sets out north towards Cochem. Lunch is set at a beautiful hotel off the main Mosel ''Weinstrasse'' in the town of Reil. The Reiler Hof is a well known hotel for me as we have been going there for almost 8 years. Thereafter the route leaves the river valley and climbs back up onto the Eifel plateau and heads north of Wittlich back to the Hotel in Korperich.

GER006 MapSource file                    GER006 pdf file   (Screenshot)

Day 3: Korperich, Luxemburg, Belgium and Holland 345 km  (GER007)

This route takes a slightly different and more westerly route back through Luxemburg and Belgium. The same style as the outwoard trip: beautful villages and winding country lanes make this long return home as pleasant as the outward route. A superb lunch spot is the Restaurant "le Chadron" in Fallias. Normally only for large groups and weddings check and ask in advance if they have time for a soup and sandwich. You'll be amazed at such a charming Chateuax in such an out-of-the-way place!

GER007 MapSource file                    GER007 pdf file  (screenshot)


Rotterdam to Borken and back

Rotterdam to Borken - 275 km  (GER003)

This is a two day trip from Rotterdam to just over the German border. The route heads east from Moerdijk crossing the border close to Winterswijk. As this is a two day trip the hotel chosen was the Hotel Demming in Borken itself.

GER003 MapSource file                      GER003 pdf file  (screenshot)


Borken to Rotterdam - 280km   GER004

 Route takes a southerly track back to Rotterdam passing the river Rhine on many occassions and has a total of three ferry's. Make sure you have change!

GER004 MapSource file                       GER004 pdf file  (screenshot)