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Holland - General

As you can see the Holland section is by far the biggest simply because this is where I have the most riding experience. I am slowly expanding my riding adventures to beyond just the ''Randstad'' area of Holland but as my riding is limited to day trips at the weekend I try to keep the length of the trips to around 100 - 175 km starting and ending close to where I live.

In order to make selecting and viewing routes easier I have split them into 3 sections: short routes which are between 0 and 100 km in length, medium routes which are 100 to 160 km in length and the longer routes which are over 160 km. Click on the pictures below for the routes.

Most routes start from close to where I live in The Hague and I have chosen a specific point each time (in the case of Scheveningen the Esso Garage) for convenient parking. This also applies to the end points. Each route is given a code for easy reference.

If you come across parts of any route that is wrong please let me know. The MapSource / BaseCamp  software sometimes forgets that cycle paths are not for us motorised bikes. Let me know and I can update the routes.

I hope you have as much fun riding the routes as I have had both planning them and riding them!

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