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Holland - General

As you can see the Holland section is by far the biggest simply because this is where I have the most riding experience. I am slowly expanding my riding adventures to beyond just the ''Randstad'' area of Holland but as my riding is limited to day trips at the weekend I try to keep the length of the trips to around 100 - 175 km starting and ending close to where I live.

Most routes start from close to where I live in The Hague and I have chosen a specific point each time (in the case of Scheveningen the Esso Garage) for convenient parking. This also applies to the end points. If you come across parts of any route that is wrong please let me know. The MapSource / BaseCamp  software sometimes forgets that cycle paths are not for us motorised bikes. Let me know and I can update the routes.

In the below section you will see a button for Older Tours / Routes and one for General NL Routes. The older routes are all pre 2017 and some are even old MapSources files each with a specific reference code. In the process of updating the website I have made some cosmetic changes as the Webs platform also advances. Please feel to browse these and download any you would like. 

In the General NL Routes section you will find a huge selection for routes that I have downloaded from various sources. i have set them up as pdf and gpx files. These are not my routes and are not covered by any copyright so again feel free to download these as you wish. 

I hope you have as much fun riding the routes as I have had both planning them and riding them!

North Holland and Den Helder Tour May 2020

Despite the challenges with the current Coronovirus pandemic we are still fortunate enough here in Holland to be able to ride. Last weekend a small group of 4 hardy riders packed up their picnics and headed north past a rather quiet Schiphol airport and then in the villages of North Holland. Roads were thankfully quiet with the exceptions of farm traffic which caused a bit of slow riding. 

Once along the coast the weather was great and roads long and winding. At Den Helder we had our lunch in the deserted Navy museum and after enjoying the afternoon sunshine  we headed south again through the polders and farms towards Amsterdam. Ferry across the Ij was open and free. Then through the bulb fields of Lisse and back home. 

A great run of 260km. 

North Holland / Den Helder Route

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North Zeeland and Overflakkee Tour April 2020

First real run of the Spring and a group of brave riders headed out for a trip towards Zeeland. We met at a now closed MacDonald's in Charlois, just south of Rotterdam and set off through Rhoon and towards Heinenoord. Through the tunnel and headed south towards Zeeland. Roads as expected quiet with little tarffic and althouhg sunny it was quite fresh. Zeeland roads are a bit long and less windy but nevertheless fine riding. 

After passing through Zuidland we tried to ride out onto the Calandweg but regrettably this was closed to traffic because if health reasons. Instead we crossed on the rozenburg ferry and headed through Maasland back to the carpool just by the A4. A good day out despite a slightly shorter detour.  

North Zeeland Tour

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