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Tours and Routes in The UK


Accessing the files

In order to access the files of the trip you can click on the Garmin or PDF button to access the respective file type. For the Garmin button, .gpx files will open and can then be saved to your pc and uploaded to your Garmin programme. Any problems drop us a line!

Riding in the UK is probably the most enjoyable for me, not because I am a Brit, I have lived outside the UK now since 1992, but probably because its easy to get to by ferry, the roads and landscape are superb and also a lot of the fun is finding these great pubs for overnight stays on our tours. I always use the Good Pub Guide to find the best accommodation for the trips. All links are shown in the coming pages and also if you want to find somewhere to stay my suggestion is to start with the guide. 

This section is the tour section dedicated to riding in the UK be it north or south of the border. All the files you will find will be BaseCamp .gpx files and will include a pdf screen shot. The routes and tours take into account any overnight stays with links to websites for accommodation as well as tour photos from the trip.


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