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Other Route Making Apps and Programmes

In the below section I'd like to address the ever growing number of software Apps and programmes dedicated to making routes and using them through various devices including mobile phones and i pads. We see that the traditional programmes such as Base camp is becoming obsolete in that it cannot cater the the vast multimedia tech that's out there. We even see BMW moving away from the traditional GPS NAV units to mobile devices. Personally I am not a big fan however there are some new software programmes which are excellent substitutes to Base camp that are being continuously updated, that are free to use in the basic form and can be used across many different hardware products. I have become quite a fan of the My Route App or MRA. The link to their website is below, just click on the logo and you can get started.


I have taken out a subscription to their Gold version so I can play around a bit more with the software and see what it does. For now  I will also try to convert some of my old Basecamp Files into this new software and add the links here on my site. Any questions on this let me know

A couple of extra points. I am by no means a expert but will try to get into this software. Great thing is if you join up you have chart access directly to the Developers and the Support Team. This goes way beyond the lousy customer service you get from Garmin on their Basecamp software. This is far better!

I have also added in some of their YouTube tutorials which I found useful. There is a lot on YouTube and I cannot post all of it here. Some of it for me is also more advertising but the 4 films I have added below to me are very useful for getting to know and using the software. Also note these tutorials are from 3 years ago and the platform has since and will continue to be updated so although the principles are still there some of the layout features have been modernised. 

The video on the left gives some great information on importing existing routes onto the MRA platform and making changes
For me this tutorial is the most useful as it shows you how to create routes using the MRA platform. 
Left tutorial shows how to export the routes you have made onto the various available devices. 
The final Tutorial introduces some of the links to social networking and how to join and make groups to share. Something that Garmin does not have and it a great addition.

Aside the above general intro tutorials there are some specific ones which I have also attached below. These look at route segments and how you can tailor make the route between 2 waypoints to act differently to the others. So example from Waypoint 1 to 2 you want the fastest route but from Way point 3 to 4 you want to go along the most curvy route. This is covered in the tutorial below. 

The video on the right looks at how you can discover other routes along that which you are trying to create. This advantage shows you don't have to create something that óthers have already done. 

Another App which has been around now for some time is the German "Kurviger" software. For me also a great tool but not as versatile as its Dutch Counter part at MRA. 

The logo below gives you the link so you can check it out yourself but I wont be setting up any routes using this software on the site. 

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