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A new page dedicated to France riding, touring and all things French. Have a read and join the Forum. 

A new Forum has been created for the sharing of ideas and tours. Sign up and offer your feedback

Tour update on the 2023 Grand Tour of France at 2800km!

I added the link to our recent UK tour to te north and Scottish Borders. 

I added the links to the My Route App as alternative to BaseCamp. Also I have started to add MRA link to all the routes I have done so far

Second USA West Coast Tour with Bryan this trip. Absolutely stunning!

First trip to Normandy, France added to the France section.   

Trip to Sauerland in June of 2022. First trip for the BMW Club for the year  

Our first trip to UK since 2018. A 5 day tour down to South Devon and back 

Short weekend trip to the North Eifel region of Germany in August 2021 added to the Germany section.   

Our Trip to the Black Forest in Germany has been added under the GPS Routes Section and Germany.  

Website updated

Due to a change in ownership of the old WEBS platform I have had to shift to a new provider - WIX. This platform is much better and offers a lot more options. The site is therefore revamped for this purpose. 

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