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Tours and Routes in France - The Francophones


Having always avoided France for fear of poor roads, grubby hotels in poor neighbourhoods I have always focussed on UK or Germany. Finally in 2022 we decided on a last minute tour into Normandy and were totally surprised by not only the roads but also the excellent accommodation and cuisine along the tour. So much so that this year in September 2023 we opted for another much longer tour of France. Detail can be found under the France section of the site with all the details, routes and accommodation.The draw of France is exactly as I mentioned: good roads, great small hotels and great food. However, France can still be tricky for the non discerning traveller so beware. 

I use the Logis hotel guide which has proven to be very reliable. It has a very easy to use and clear colour coding to guide you both on the accommodation and also restaurants. We tend to go for the Blue code on restaurants as this tends to give quite high class French style dining but at reasonable prices. This becomes a matter of choice. 

Finally based on the experiences of France I have decided to put together a small forum to bring together like-minded France Enthusiasts with an idea to organising trips and sharing ideas for future trips. 

In order to access this forum you need to become a member of this website. This is purely to avoid a lot of junk coming in and there are absolutely no costs associated with becoming a member. 

I really hope we can make this page take off and from it organise some great riding trips through France in the coming years.

Plans are already in place for 2 trips in 2024. Interested? Sign up and join in!

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