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Tours and Routes in France


So far my riding has not taken me into France. This is a shame and I need to rectify this as soon as possible. One of the challenges for me is getting there. To get to France you need to traverse Belgium and its rather unpleasant quality roads and you need about 4 hours of motorway driving to the get to the border with France. Also many people tend to be put off by the north part of France saying it boring. Actually if you head inland a bit to the WW1 Battlefields area there are some nice quiet roads and if you head further south towards the coast from Amiens then the roads get more windy and the countryside a bit hillier. As soon as I have some riding experience I'll post it here.

Accessing the files

In order to access the files of the trip you can click on the Garmin or PDF button to access the respective file type. For the Garmin button, .gpx files will open and can then be saved to your pc and uploaded to your Garmin programme. Any problems drop us a line!


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